June 27, 2014

Dancing with DCDC: Capturing the Magic of a 45-Year-Young Dance Company




“I think what’s smart about them is they’re bringing in choreographers, innovative choreographers, to keep the work alive – to keep art alive.”

- Ray Mercer, Master Dance Teacher

“45 years… it says a lot about the longevity of any arts organization, let alone a dance company… These prominent people are coming in and making world-class art right here in Dayton Ohio.”

- DeMarcus Akeem, Company Dancer


Collaboration. It’s the challenge of working towards the same goal with someone else, sharing a single vision between many people. It’s at the heart of what we do at Real Art, inside our walls and out. But sometimes a project comes along that redefines what a term like “collaboration” means. In this case, we had the privilege to learn from the Dayton Contemporary Dance Company.

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June 26, 2014

Real Art Welcomes Sara Hinegardner




Real Art welcomes Sara Hinegardner as the newest addition to our team. She is an Interactive Design Intern working out of Real Art’s Dayton headquarters. With experience that ranges from old school illustration to coding websites, Sara feels most comfortable experimenting with different mediums and adapting to new challenges that come her way.

Hinegardner recently graduated valedictorian from the School of Advertising Art with an Associate Degree of Applied Business in Advertising Art and an acquired caffeine dependency.

Growing up, Sara wanted to be everything from a professional photographer to a nurse. With a passion for all things creative, and a fondness of discovering solutions to problems that plague the public, it was easy for her to fall in love with the field of graphic design. The variety of mediums that can be used to convey solid thoughts and concepts is really what drives her, and she likes the tangible details that can be executed and appreciated in a technology driven society.

As a Missouri native, Hinegardner has really come to appreciate all that Dayton has to offer. She is a baker, a poetry enthusiast, an avid movie watcher, a record collector, and she sings sometimes.

June 23, 2014

Real Art Welcomes Researchers Nikola Tesla and Dr. Claw




Real Art welcomes Nikola Tesla and Dr. Claw as the newest additions to our team. Both Tesla and Claw are Caribbean hermit crabs working out of Real Art’s new, New York-based Crab Lab.

As a researcher, Dr. Claw brings unique insight and experience from the field of crab technology while Tesla’s thought leadership on the Internet of Shells will contribute to our growing explorations in crab housing.

Both crabs are recent transplants from the Union Square pet store where they worked together on multidisciplinary projects ranging from culinary explorations to Tilda-Swinton-inspired performance art. They look forward to continuing their practice of combining art, design, technology, and lifestyle processes in their research at Real Art.

Claw and Tesla are passionate about using design to improve the lives of all creatures, human and crustacean alike. They are intellectually voracious and excited to wear many different shells in their pursuit of good design. In her spare time, Dr. Claw enjoys visiting museums and sitting in the water dish. Tesla is working on his first book, a collection of haiku about molting.

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May 30, 2014

Real Art Welcomes Nick Cooper




Real Art welcomes Nicholas Cooper as the newest addition to our team. Cooper is an Interactive Design Intern working out of Real Art’s Dayton headquarters. As an intern, he brings bright concepts and fresh ideas to the table while collaborating and learning as much as possible.

As a recent graduate from the University of Dayton in May 2014, Cooper received his Bachelors of Arts in Visual Communication Design and minored in Illustration. Throughout his college years, he has enjoyed transitioning from print to web and exploring the fascinating challenges of the web and interactive design.

Cooper has a passion for creating appealing designs that “WOW” the end-user. He loves working in a team and is always excited to try something new. With the ability to wear many different hats, Cooper continuously finds ways to become a better designer.

Originally from Knoxville Tennessee, Cooper has enjoyed living at the University of Dayton for the past 4 years. When he’s not learning about the web and interactive design, he enjoys illustration, getting outside, training for his second half marathon, and visiting his family and friends.

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May 29, 2014

Real Art Welcomes Darryl Robbins




Real Art welcomes Darryl Robbins as the newest addition to our team. Robbins is a junior Web Developer at our Dayton headquarters where he will be learning and working with a wide array of subjects.

Robbins has spent the last few years earning a Java programming certificate and learning a variety of languages and new technologies along the way. He loves code and is committed to absorbing and contributing as much as possible.

Robbins also has an extensive background as an audio engineer in both a live and studio setting and enjoys mixing older analog and newer digital technologies together for unique results. He’s recorded and mixed numerous projects over the years, including several for local troublemakers, Guided By Voices.

In his free time, Robbins is either playing music, listening to it, reading about it, or driving his wife insane with it. If you ever need someone to explain to you why Cheap Trick are great, drop him a line.

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