Real Art Welcomes Josh Frederick


Real Art welcomes Josh Frederick as the newest addition to our team. He is an Account Executive working out of Real Art’s Dayton headquarters. Using his experience as a designer, project leader, and product developer, he will be ensuring maximum connectivity between our client’s needs and wishes and the broad talents of Real Art.

Frederick earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts with a focus on Graphic Design from Miami University. He joins us from the Huffy Corporation where he spent 8 years as a Designer, Senior Designer of Packaging, and most recently as Associate Product Manager.

Frederick loves working with multi-faceted teams because in those environments, amazing things happen. He’s traveled the world, both for work and for pleasure and finds connecting with people to be the heart of human experience. He sees design as a way of thinking, not an outcome of thought.

Frederick grew up in Dayton and loves the fact that he’s working downtown (again). He’s a sports junky, especially when it comes to football, soccer and basketball. He is a database of useless information and a self-proclaimed geography nerd who can’t see a map without stopping to take it in.

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Real Fancy Pirates

Friday is International Talk Like A Pirate Day. Here’s how we’re celebrating in Real Art’s New York office…

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The Daily Loot Contest


The members of our pirate crew
have made some treasures (quite a few).
It’s loot we’d like to share with you.

Each ‘morn we’ll tweet a little clue,
a blank that must be filled by you
and duly hashtagged #DailyLoot.

By close-of-day we’ll judge the queue
and pick a winner (could be you!)
to send our Pirate booty to.

So peel your eyes and deign to view
the couplets we submit to you.
Then tweet into the ballyhoo.

The prizes will sail straight on through.


#DailyLoot Rules Recap (Pirate to English translation)
Starting on August 14th, each morning we’ll tweet a picture of the day’s prize with a clue that needs to be completed. Enter to win by tweeting to @realart with your solution and the hashtag #DailyLoot. Some time after 5pm, we’ll announce that day’s winner and ship their prize.

Good luck!
–Crew of the Good Ship Real Art

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