Case Study

Amplify It: Audio Experience


AKQA partnered with us to create an experimental DJ interactive for Verizon’s flagship stores. The Amplify It experience set visitors in front of a custom mixer board where they whipped up a unique audio/video creation.

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Game Graphics for the UD Flyers

We’ve got a number of UD alumni and Flyers superfans here at Real Art, so we were stoked to create their in-game video graphics for the third year in a row. This year’s game materials included animated versions of the Flyers’ new logo, player cards for the men’s and women’s teams, game stats, and player stats. Here’s a refresher of our 2013 video graphics and the crazy FlyRig we created for last year’s hype video.

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Real Art

2014 Real Art Gift Exchange


Other workplaces may do a secret santa, but they sure don’t do it like Real Art. From time immemorial, Real Arters have drawn a coworker’s name out of a hat each October and worked feverishly to create a unique handmade gift to present them at our Holiday Party. It seems that every year these gifts get more elaborate and more incredible. This year was no exception.

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Real Art Welcomes Candy Niemeyer

Real Art welcomes Candy Niemeyer as the newest addition to our team. She is a Print Designer working out of Real Art’s Dayton headquarters. A problem solver always craving the best solutions, Niemeyer is excited to broaden her “swiss army knife” of design and typography skills.

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