Print Designer Learns to Code


Let me make this clear from the start: I am no expert when it comes to coding. I barely know the difference between ActionScript and C++ and couldn’t pick out the syntax for PHP from a lineup. I’m a print designer, which, in the Real Art world, is as far away from having to know how to code as you can get.

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Get Shamrocked

Shamrocked from Real Art on Vimeo.

We’re getting ready for St Paddy’s 2013 with intensive training. Last year, we built a bar/tech mashup called Shamrocked, and this time around, we’ve mastered the game. The four leaf bundle of sensors, electroluminescent wires, and an Arduino gives you a sequence to follow, and if you get it wrong, it’s time to drink. It’s like a game of Simon that ends up giving you double vision.

Best o’ luck, Shamrockers!

Shamrocked: It's like a game of Simon that ends up giving you double vision.

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Fries, Meet your Maker

If you appreciate the perfect, golden crust of good, hot, fried food, read on—Real Art was tapped to showcase Vulcan’s top-of-the-line fryer at the North American Association of Food Equipment Manufacturers (NAFEM) Show in Orlando.

To show how the Vulcan PowerFry™ stands out, Real Art transformed the machine itself into the center of an interactive experience. We created a custom app that lets NAFEM attendees control videos on the large-screen display through a touch screen tablet. We installed the high-def screen and crafted motion graphics to highlight the PowerFry’s key features and entice equipment buyers at the show with all the crispy, delicious possibilities. No word yet on whether they’re giving out samples…

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Unwrapping Holiday Magic

Ask any kid: the best thing about the holidays is unwrapping presents. So when Kmart asked Real Art to help them reveal the coolest toys of the season, the Fab 15, we brought out that childhood excitement—for shoppers on tablets and desktops alike.

As each gift unwraps before their eyes, parents get a hint of the joy and surprise they’ll see on their child’s face… and that’s what the gifts are really all about.

Shop the Fab 15 at

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Nerds with Toys: Phone controlled R/C Car

Hello Internet,

I’m lucky enough to have a job where I get paid to play with toys. So I figure it’s only fair that I share some of the cool stuff I get to do with you. Today I made an R/C car that can be controlled from my phone. You drive it around by hitting gas and brake buttons, and tilting the phone left and right to steer. I also threw a honk button in there that controls a speaker I installed, along with a LCD screen that you can send messages to from the app. Wanna make one? Well keep reading, I’ll tell ya how to do it.

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