Meet Our TubeSat


The TubeSat is a lightweight, inexpensive personal satellite designed by Interorbital Systems. Its design enables a degree of modification so that users can personalize the functionality of their satellite before it is launched into low earth orbit (LEO) onboard Interorbital’s Neptune Modular Series rockets. This one is ours.

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Interactive Machines

Nerd Toys: UDOO

Photo Nov 20, 3 08 00 PM

Do I smell fresh solder? Just got this in the lab, hot off the PCB press. UDOO is a single board computer much the same as your Raspberry Pi or Beagle Bone Black. Now, we’ve used similar boards in the past so what makes Udoo different? Well, it literally combines both a small, yet powerful (4x that of the Pi) computer with an Arduino in a single board. This means that we can now use one device to run a full operating system / server and directly control the mechanics of  things like, oh I don’t know, a giant claw or maybe a room-sized, spinning, 3D capture device. The mini PC was just released last month and we’ve been waiting to get our hands on it for a few weeks. It’s play time.

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Fries, Meet your Maker

If you appreciate the perfect, golden crust of good, hot, fried food, read on—Real Art was tapped to showcase Vulcan’s top-of-the-line fryer at the North American Association of Food Equipment Manufacturers (NAFEM) Show in Orlando.

To show how the Vulcan PowerFry™ stands out, Real Art transformed the machine itself into the center of an interactive experience. We created a custom app that lets NAFEM attendees control videos on the large-screen display through a touch screen tablet. We installed the high-def screen and crafted motion graphics to highlight the PowerFry’s key features and entice equipment buyers at the show with all the crispy, delicious possibilities. No word yet on whether they’re giving out samples…

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Let The Ro-Bros Battles Begin!

After months of brewing, a battle has broken out inside the Real Art walls. Now you can choose a side and jump in.

Through rounds of covert testing, both prototypes have proven themselves. At, you control one of these incredible fighting bots. With your keyboard. And you can watch the whole bout go down in a live feed on the site.

We were shooting for an experience every bit as out there as The Santa Claw, but different … and maybe even more crazy. So we wired up these two Ro-Bros to pick up online commands and attached sensors that measure the force of each blow dealt. In our battle arena, you’re fighting against another online opponent, so start mapping out your strategy now.

Experience the battle for yourself at

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The Battle Begins

Ro-Bros Poster

Remember last year, when we built the world’s largest claw game and invited everyone to play online? The response was amazing—over 100,000 people played from all over the world. The Santa Claw even spent a week in the Gizmodo Gallery in NYC. Since we packed it all up, people have been asking what’s next. 

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