Motion Graphics

Making The ‘FlyRig’

On the evening of Saturday November 2nd, the lights went out in the University of Dayton Arena. For a moment, thousands of basketball fans were plunged into darkness. Then the monitors above them blazed to life with a pre-game hype video like none other.

To create this unique footage, Real Art designed a mammoth, 16-foot-long steel camera arm spinning a full 360° rotation. And we bolted it directly to the structure of our development lab. Only a team made of ambitious cinematographers and ingenious industrial designers could engineer a set-up this insane.

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Meet Our TubeSat


The TubeSat is a lightweight, inexpensive personal satellite designed by Interorbital Systems. Its design enables a degree of modification so that users can personalize the functionality of their satellite before it is launched into low earth orbit (LEO) onboard Interorbital’s Neptune Modular Series rockets. This one is ours.

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Get Shamrocked

Shamrocked from Real Art on Vimeo.

We’re getting ready for St Paddy’s 2013 with intensive training. Last year, we built a bar/tech mashup called Shamrocked, and this time around, we’ve mastered the game. The four leaf bundle of sensors, electroluminescent wires, and an Arduino gives you a sequence to follow, and if you get it wrong, it’s time to drink. It’s like a game of Simon that ends up giving you double vision.

Best o’ luck, Shamrockers!

Shamrocked: It's like a game of Simon that ends up giving you double vision.

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Experiences from SXSW 2013

SXSW 2013 Convention Center

As this year’s SXSW Interactive winds down, it’s a good time to reflect on some of what we’ve seen. As expected, there was a lot going on, and I do mean a LOT. We filtered through it, and got to see, hear and touch a lot of amazing stuff. We’ve seen everything from densely packed keynotes to hands-on product demos to late night parties.

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Real Wheel Drive

The Pinewood Derby: everyone gets a block of pine and a set of wheels. Turn that into an epic fusion of speed and design and you’re a king to your fellow cub scouts.

Last week, AAF Dayton brought back that great scouting tradition and Real Art Dayton threw our hat in the ring. The Dayton design community came out for a night of racing, reliving our childhood competitions.

With our 3D printer and hand-painted details, we created a fearless feline behind the wheel. That cat must know what he’s doing; the Real Wheel Drive revved up and won a lot of its matches. Congrats to all the racers!

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