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That’s right, we hacked a World War II era communications terminal to transcribe all messages from our website. Switch between camera feeds to read other transmissions.

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what’s old is new

A precursor to the typewriter and successor of the telegraph, the teletype machine is the lesser known of the three.

This ancient piece of machinery retired from duty within the Military Auxillary Radio System (MARS) at Cheyenne Mountain. While there, it was used to send messages back and forth during WWII. When it was finally shut down, it was taken as a souvenir by a retiring US General and eventually auctioned off to us with all the documents and manuals included.

We couldn’t just let it sit around, but we also didn’t want to do anything that would ruin its heritage. Thus, we fixed it up, oiled all (240!) points, and hooked it up to the internet—ready to receive your messages. So, if you’ve got something important to say, why not teletype it to us!


If we’ve inspired you, let us know. For new business, or just to say “hey,” we just love it when people get in touch.

Teletype it to us

We hacked a telecommunications device from the age of the telegraph and Morse code. Visit our site from a tablet or desktop to transmit your funniest lines.