an action-packed site For Sony Action Cam

We created an engaging microsite to showcase Sony’s Action Cam, a best-in-class portable video camera aimed at athletes and thrill-seekers.

Featuring high-quality images and breathtaking video, the site was not only visually striking, but also relevant, well-coded, and well-designed.

Octagon, the agency overseeing the Action Cam launch, approached us with a firm list of requirements. The microsite had to provide a large space for video, feature social media, and also serve as a store displaying the various Action Cam products. As these requirements evolved over time, we expanded the list to include an events calendar and a rider’s page featuring affiliated athletes—BMX bikers, skiers, surfers, and others who regularly embraced the camera’s capabilities to display feats of sport and human achievement.

We understood immediately how crucial it was to show the action-packed lifestyles this camera can capture, so we set to work designing and developing a modern, image-heavy site.

The site was truly responsive.

Rather than create multiple builds for multiple devices, our skilled design and development team built a site automatically optimized for any device. Touch and swipe support was coded directly into the site to give the mobile experience a native feel. A number of subtle interactive touches worked together to produce an engaging experience that was intuitive and satisfying to use.

Curated media

The site automatically pulled in relevant images and YouTube videos just by searching for specific hashtags, keywords, and social accounts. All of this media populated a password-protected admin page where a gatekeeper then selected what content was appropriate for the site and how its display was prioritized. Selected items fed into a dynamic collage of video tiles.

Athlete showcase

Tony Hawk and Torah Bright were among Sony's many athlete Brand Ambassadors to take prominent spots on the site. They used Action Cams to capture their own athletic escapades, giving users a taste of the coolest extreme sports—from BMX and mountain biking to shredding powder on skis and snowboards.

Curated media

In addition to the microsite, we collaborated with Octagon to create a series of visually similar “Residency Apps” for use at ski areas participating in the Action Cam launch. In winter, the cameras were given out to skiers before they hit the slopes, or to trail-hungry bikers in the summer. But Sony’s Brand Ambassadors needed a way to track who had what camera and how the footage would be made available online. Using our app, a skier just had to type their information into a tablet. This data was automatically encrypted onto an SD card popped into their Action Cam. When the user returned after a full day of skiing, they just handed in the camera and received an email with a link to their footage.

Additional Work