Designing a Premium Brand

AZEK Building Products approached us after purchasing TimberTech, a competitor in the high-end performance decking space. The two brands made similar products, targeted similar consumers, and had similar benefits. They were cannibalizing their own business and asked us to step in to separate and elevate the brands to increase revenue and beat the industry giant.


The first step was modernizing the AZEK and TimberTech logos, changing typefaces and updating colors to give them a sleek, clean feel. Each kept its unique personality—AZEK’s rich, high-end look contrasting with TimberTech’s tough but warm, down-home vibe. We backed these up with solid brand guides which provided defined messaging through tone and imagery.

a polished NEW LOOK

In order to promote the new AZEK Building Products look and create brand recognition, we first revamped their product catalogs. This included providing stylistic direction for product images and supporting photography that stayed true to each brand’s vision.



Next, we tackled the digital world to create a premium online presence for AZEK and TimberTech, incorporating our new brand standards and enhancing the user experience for both consumers and AZEK’s dealers and contractors. The two sites are built around a central CMS, providing the AZEK Building Products team with an all-inclusive maintenance hub that integrates with their existing sales tools, CRM, e-commerce and fulfillment services.

Additional Work