Washing Dishes And Getting Lucky

Made from a real Hobart warewasher, the Sink or Swim slot machine lets people gamble on the trade show floor. Well, kind of.

Cleaning dishes is one of the most important tasks in the kitchen, and it’s also one of the most time-consuming. So when a restaurant owner or cafeteria manager switches from washing dishes in a sink to using a warewasher, Hobart wants them to make the right choice. Sometimes, it’s not so easy, especially at trade shows. Hobart needed something that would reel customers in and convince them that switching to a warewasher is the right decision.

That’s why the Sink or Swim slot machine was created. We took a real Hobart Door Type warewasher and transformed it into a gambling machine. It’s eight vertical feet of stainless steel that plays videos, blasts music and drops coins. A large digital screen features a custom motion graphics video that shows the benefits of owning a warewasher, and a top video spins digital slot machine reels, while a siren flashes blue light to call people over.

Players are drawn in by the light, the crowd, and the sound of coins clanging on the metal. Winners receive customized “Sink or Swim” coins that drop from the inside, which they can keep or trade in for prizes, including a shirt that says “Water you up to?” With its videos, sound, gameplay and prizes, the Sink or Swim slot machine becomes the talk of every trade show, and so does Hobart’s line of warewashers.

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