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Meet Our TubeSat


The TubeSat is a lightweight, inexpensive personal satellite designed by Interorbital Systems. Its design enables a degree of modification so that users can personalize the functionality of their satellite before it is launched into low earth orbit (LEO) onboard Interorbital’s┬áNeptune Modular Series rockets. This one is ours.

Tubesat Component Layout

We have completed the assembly and functional testing of the core satellite system which includes several circuit boards:

  • Microcontroller PCB – Arduino micro, several PICs to perform encoding and decoding of data stream to onboard radio transceiver
  • Transceiver PCB – The radio and amplifier mounted on this board allow 1200bps Narrow Band FM AFSK communication with the earth ground station
  • Power Management PCB – Components on this board control the charging of onboard battery by solar cells and voltage regulation
  • Antenna PCB – Here we have a 70cm band dipole antenna for radio transmission and reception


Our next step is to design our “Experiment/Application Space” or payload. What experiments will we carry out in space? What types of transmissions will be sent? Photos? Music?



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