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Getting Experiential


When it comes to our approach to experiential, there’s no better statement than “building wonder.” It’s our motto because it works. We blend art and invention to make unforgettable projects that move people. Whether it’s for a tradeshow, permanent installation, or special event, our job is to dream up big ideas for clients and bring them to life.

So, if you want to take a page from our book, we’re giving away trade secrets right now.

Step One. Make it a head-turner.
It’s got to be attention-grabbing, and it’s got to be really, really different. There’s a lot of noise out there, and brands are highly competitive when it comes to cutting through the clutter. Have you ever been to a trade show like CES or festival scenes like Cannes Lions or SXSW? These kinds of shows attract incredibly smart audiences from all over the world, and they’re hungry for ideas. Your goal as a brand is not just the be there, but to be noticed there. We do this with jaw-dropping and smile-inducing ideas that stop people in their tracks, and then make them hang around for a while.

Step Two. Make it Interactive.
It’s no fun to watch from the sidelines. That’s why our concepts have a participation factor. These guys aren’t things you walk right past. Nope, you engage with them. You have so much fun that you tell all your friends, and then come back for more. Scrunch your face to dispense a beverage, have a conversation with a talking, motion-sensing vehicle, use your body as the control for your environment, take part in an epic Internet-controlled robot battle…the list goes on.

Step Three. Make it about the story.
Oh and by the way, the whole time you were goofing around with this mind-blowingly cool interaction, we were not-so-secretly driving the brand’s story. Whether it’s launching a new product or driving awareness, the approach is the same. First we blow minds. Then, while we keep people captivated, we just happen to be spoonfeeding our client’s story so this unforgettable experience goes hand-in-hand with this unforgettable brand.

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Experiential projects for us can be any size. On the smaller end of the spectrum, we made an electric DIY coaster kit for a rockin’ AIGA party. We’ve souped-up slot machines, developed a code-busting surprise box, built super smart color-mimicking kiosks, and transformed environments at the largest trade shows on Earth. We’ve done pop-up stores and retail experiences that turn shoppers into DJ’s. The formula: make it attention-grabbing and interactive. Tell the brand’s story in a unique and memorable way.


Oh, and we’ve got tricks in our back pockets. We tap into culture, like, all the time. We’re inspired by oldie tech and toys of the past. These kinds of things strike a bone with audiences. There’s a familiarity. This is where we dip from, and then we add our own twist. Embedding things like motion sensors, micro-controllers, facial recognition, or virtual reality. You’ve seen a dunk tank before, but not once controlled like this. You’ve played the game of Simon Says before, but this version is totally new. Flip dots, robots, video games. This is cultural stuff. Fun stuff. It makes us smile, so we know other people will too.

But the most important key to making great experiential is powerhouses that can produce the impossible. We’ve got an incredible crew of dreamers, designers and engineers that are all inventors at heart. Our secret sauce is the coming-together of superstars from our different disciplines in order to imagine the unimaginable. We’ll gladly give away our trade secrets, because we’re pretty sure there’s no other crew who goes as balls-to-the-wall as we do, and have the chops to make it real.

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