Real Art and ooVoo: Inside a Dynamic Creative Relationship
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Real Art and ooVoo: A Year Inside a Dynamic Creative Relationship

Across the country, on the internet and beyond, the relationship between Real Art and video chat client ooVoo is one that has yielded diverse, creative fruit. As ooVoo’s agency of record, the partnership began with our complete overhaul of the ooVoo brand, including a refresh from the brand’s positioning to its manifesto and website.

Here are three highlights from the past year of a client-agency relationship where the only thing brighter than its past is its limitless potential in the future.

CES 2015’s Crowd-Pleasing Flip-Dot Wall

When ooVoo tasked Real Art with designing a booth for the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas to launch their Intelligent Video platform, we knew that innovation was paramount when surrounded by the most cutting edge technology in the world. The result was an installation involving 189 flip-dot panels, which used magnetized disks as pixels that quickly flip from one color to another, in an enormous curved wall measuring 16′ tall and 32.5′ long. Though the screen’s resolution was a mere 588×126, it captured the eyes and minds of the attendees with its unique emotion-based interactivity.

In addition to video animation, the display used PrimeSense depth cameras and technology from ooVoo partner Affectiva to capture facial information and display the real-time emotion data of those engaging with the wall. From here, FaceShift was able to map people’s expressions onto custom designed avatars — everything from jubilant smiles to looks of genuine surprise would translate onto an alien, skull, or another fun creature.

The on-the-floor buzz and post show results speak for themselves. TIME named the booth as one of the Most Eye-Catching Booths at CES and AdWeek featured ooVoo’s Intelligent Video as one of 7 Far Out Technologies That Marketers Must See. Later, we entered the wall into the 2015 Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity in the Trade Stand subcategory of Brand Environments where we were honored to be one of only 47 entries out of 240 to be shortlisted.

Check out the wall in action in the video above.

 ooVooTique Pop-Up Shop
For a service where the focus is connecting with friends, we worked with ooVoo to create an experience that speaks to college-aged users and echoes the service’s principles. Enter the ooVooTique, a one of a kind pop-up shop in Austin, Texas where no cash or credit is accepted, and everything is free when you have friends.

Stocked with odd items such as scorpion lollipops, a levitating speaker, a 1974 Cushman and letterpress posters, the shop’s merchandise and presentation signaled the colorful and quirky nature of ooVoo. Eye-catching, retro inspired signage drew people to the shop, which was constructed using two shipping containers with frosted glass on the ends to allow natural light and curious gazes in.

Inside the boutique, hand picked curators guided customers through the buying process while wall graphics reinforced the “free” messaging in tandem with fun, interactive exhibits such as a “selfie station.” The higher the ooVoo friends total, the more things a person could buy.

The return was clear immediately: App downloads and engagements spiked the moment the store opened and features in PSFK and We Are Austin spread word of its success after the fact.

ooVoo “Everything is a Moment” Commercials

Real Art and ooVoo’s partnership has also dealt with more traditional forms of advertising in the form of commercial production.

Again bringing the focus to connection, we scripted, storyboarded, filmed, and produced a series of national television commercials to strategically build awareness, brand recognition, and user registrations. Highlighting the intimacy of the little things, we arrived at the campaign line “Everything Is A Moment,” with commercials meant to relay this timeless sentiment. From a couple’s goodnight to a child’s first pony ride, we crafted a series of spots that felt sincere and real in their depiction of how ooVoo’s technology can keep people connected.

Over four weeks, the TV spots earned more than 3 million impressions in targeted markets and lead to localized spikes in app downloads.

Need we say more? Check out a selection of some more of the innovative campaigns we’ve worked on with ooVoo below.

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