Case Study

Ascend Brand Manifesto


We created a one-of-a-kind manifesto for a healthcare invention lab. 

Ascend Innovations represents a new partnership between the Greater Dayton Area Hospital Association and Kaleidoscope, a product design firm. The unique collaboration brings doctors and healthcare providers together with designers, developers, engineers, and entrepreneurs to build game-changing healthcare products.

Ascend turned to Real Art to develop a brand manifesto that would illustrate their mission and vision and encourage inventors to contribute their ideas. For a company this unique we knew we had to find a way to do something really different.


Pushing the concept beyond the standard booklet, our design team concepted a triangular snake fold that opens up to create a hexagon—a distinctive design that will stand out and stand up (literally).

The triangular design mirrors Ascend’s logo and the mountain imagery associated with a brand that embodies an aspirational, action-oriented spirit.

Content Development
We dove into Ascend to uncover what keeps a technology expert, a mechanical engineer, and a creative strategist working side by side. After exploring the motivations that bring such a variety of expertise together, we developed the six pillars that represent Ascend’s mission and vision.

Design & Layout
Working in tandem, our design team laid out a mood board and developed the visuals and physical form of the manifesto that would bring the six pillars to life.




The unique fold of the manifesto was a big hit. “One of the things I valued most was Real Art’s ability to translate our vision into a reality in an easily understood way. We wanted the essence of who we are to be clearly, authentically and boldly communicated,” says Candace Dalmagne-Rouge, Program Manager at Ascend. “The unique design of the final piece and their ability to capture our purpose far exceeded our expectations in achieving that goal. We couldn’t be happier with Ascend’s brand manifesto and the ease of working with the Real Art team.”


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