Case Study

Making a Visual Splash for GE Honda Aero Engines

We produced a stunning visual component to punctuate the groundbreaking work of two giants of engineering: GE and Honda.

What happens when two companies known for invention invent a company? As GE and Honda entered into a collaborative environment in Ohio, they needed something that would signal their commitment to create some of the most luxurious products in the sphere of aeronautical engineering, combining expertise in personal mobility and aviation.

They turned to Real Art to put together a striking visual accompaniment to echo these intentions , with the theme, direction, and feeling of the project in our hands.

ge honda

We centered in on the theme and visual metaphor of connecting two different things to create something entirely new.

Melding an artful approach (us) with scientific rigor (them), we set out to make a video that stood out across a diverse range of settings, from a tradeshow booth to a person’s laptop.


Design and Layout
With a concept nailed down, the video team and the print design team continued working in tandem to flesh out what the piece might look like. After writing the script together, the teams came up with a list of visual references.

This was done by storyboarding the imagery with different ideas and inspirations, drawing material from Google searches, hand drawn sketches, and the imagination.

After these compositions came together across the free form design process, they were whittled down and massaged to sync with the script.

Searching, Shooting, Shaping
The video’s assembly required a keen eye for quality stock footage in addition to a more hands-on approach in shooting footage on our own and post-production┬ácompositing. From pre-production to post-production, the challenge was to bring the striking duality of our sketches to life.

ge honda

The different images that were pulled together combine to create dynamic juxtapositions as harmonious wholes: a yogini at sunset with a flickering lightbulb, colorful paint splashes in perfect sync, a spinning globe with a whirring engine. Across this wide range of images, the theme stays consistent and in tact: the GE-Honda partnership signaling the endless possibilities for two companies with a knack for constant innovation.

The final cut is a piece that is capable of standing on its own without the voiceover narration, or even context. Up close or far away, the video’s vivid imagery and compositions draw viewers in and keeps their attention with its relative brevity.


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