Company Color

True to the Crew

Devotion to the Notion
We at Real Art have 12 Absolutes that represent who we are and what we strive to do. They symbolize the ideals that bring us together as well as the extraordinary actions that set us apart.

Each quarter we aim to display one of these absolutes in our front window. This quarter, we focus on the “Tribe” absolute. It represents the endless support and encouragement we get from each other. It makes the impossible things we create possible.

As we worked on our next reveal, we wanted everyone to be a part of it. We requested responses to the question, “What does the word ‘Tribe’ mean to you?”

We used these answers to create one-of-a-kind works of art, joined together to form a collaborative mural in wild postings style. The combined piece shows how each of us are unique, but also illustrates how we come together to create this tribe we call Real Art.

The posters took over the front window and framed in our flip dot wall, an old technology that we have repurposed to display simple motion graphics. A large bench was placed in front of our interior wall to encourage people to spend time together and pose for pictures with our mural in the background.

The Tribe installation is the 6 of 12, previously we have showcased Dreamer, Curious, Fearless, Futurist, and Play.

Believe in the People Around You and Love the Work You Do
You’d think we’re dear old friends. Well, a lot of us are. There’s something really cool about this kind of camaraderie: it’s built on sincere respect and admiration. And, we seek out and welcome others who inspire and challenge us. So, basically, we all get along like gangbusters.

‘Got your back’ means allegiance to each other, our ideals, and our work. It’s staunchly supporting those around you, helping if help is needed, and being a valiant advocate of others. We must support each other, because we are better and stronger together.

We may not be family, but we have made the decision to say “these are my people” and stay loyal through it all. We continue to push forward hand in hand to overcome any challenge and every obstacle. We take on each day with a smile because we know we are surrounded by the ones that want to see us grow.

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