Careers - We’re seeking makers, thinkers and hackers to join our team. If you’re a dreamer with special skills in design, technology or digital/physical fabrication, please apply.

Careers - We’re seeking makers, thinkers, and hackers to join our team. If that’s you, please apply to

Check out our job openings. Don’t see the position right for you? Drop us a line anyways. If you’ve got the chops we want to meet you.
Digital Producer
“We are project managers. We are the eye in the hurricane of chaos. We command, we control, we ground. We listen, we worry, we care.”
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Back-End Developer
It’s not magic. It’s our back-end developers kicking butt behind-the-scenes that make super hard things look super simple.
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Content Strategist and Copywriter
Are you a problem solver, wordsmith, and brand strategy wunderkind? Then you might be Real Art’s new Content Strategist and Copywriter.
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Front-End Web Developer
All the greatest digital designers in the world would be nothing without you, oh wise one. Put your incredible technical skill to good use every day.
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Account Executive
Part client communications pro, part digital marketing strategy savant, part new biz whiz. Flex your many strengths as Real Art’s next Account Executive.
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get paid to do what you love

Have some damn fun
The Culture
Having fun is core to who we are and what we’re about. In between creating kick-ass projects for the world’s coolest clients, we are a happy (and sometimes wacky) bunch, known for embracing the outrageous. From shopping cart jousting to demolition derby, these are exactly the kind of absurd interactions we love around here.
The Nitty Gritty
The Benefits
  • Health+dental ins. with coverage options for spouse/dependents
  • Flexible Spending Accounts for health care and dependent care
  • Company paid short-term & long-term disability
  • Company paid $20,000 life ins.
  • 401(k) plan with company match
  • Paid vacation, wellness, holidays
  • Winter break from 12/24—01/02
Believe in what you do
The Mission
We believe that we have the power to change the world. Everyone who works at Real Art is obsessed with learning and exploring new ideas. We are committed to pushing the bounds of what’s possible to create the new and better. Oh yeah, and while you’re dreaming big, get ready to work hard. Because great things don’t come easy.

meet some of our makers

Making is at the very nucleus of our culture, and each of us bring unique skills and talents to the team. Collectively, this is how we become inventors of astonishing things. Here are just some of the people who make Real Art work.
Chris Wire
Chris will debate you on any topic and crush you with intellect. Go ahead, test yourself. chris.wire [at]
Creative Director
Scott Burtscher
Scott laughs at danger. Ask him about racing bikes and you’ll be friends for life. scott.burtscher [at]
Creative Director
Tom Immen
Tom is our go-to for “cool.” Ask him about style, gadgets, or pimping out your place. tom.immen [at]
Creative Director
Mark Kargl
Mark is all heart. Unless if it’s Real Beard Awards time, then he’s mostly all facial hair. mark.kargl [at]
Senior Producer
Betsy McFaddin
Betsy can be found sewing up a storm in her spare time. She’s crafty like that.
betsy.mcfaddin [at]
Design Director
Andy Nick
Andy would like to substitute eating and sleeping time with video-game playing time. andy.nick [at]
Senior Producer
Alison Westfall
Alison is the life of any party. She’s always got a good story up her sleeve.
alison.westfall [at]
Digital Director
Pat Murray
Pat can make something special out of anything. He’s got endless energy for projects.
pat.murray [at]
Design Director
Crystal Dennis
Crystal would love to meet Joss Whedon and would like to enlighten you with a Buffy-ism. crystal.dennis [at]
Art Director
Matt Gregg
Matt Gregg will impress you with his skateboarding skills. Ask him for a lesson.
matt.gregg [at]
Marc Stevens
Marc spends his free time landscaping and mountain biking, so yea, is frequently dirty. marc.stevens [at]
Design Director
Jef Mayer
Jef is a damn fine musician. When not making the internet he’s most def at a show. jef.mayer [at]
Industrial Designer
Bryan Campbell
Bryan has a hairless cat named Applesauce. He’s our hero. We like the cat quite a bit, too. bryan.campbell [at]
Art Director
Jenn Gobrail
Jenn is a die-hard Flyer’s basketball fan. Also the founder of our beloved Real Mart. jenn.gobrail [at]
Art Director
Alison Dvorsky
Alison can often be found tearing up the roads by bike. Makes for some interesting tan lines. alison.dvorsky [at]
Sr. Interactive Designer
Jake Sloma
Jake would like his unicorn and dragon to make a baby unigon that breathes rainbows of fire. jake.sloma [at]
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