getting active with Cisco

Real Art designed and built the Cisco Fitness Program, a fun interactive app that gets Cisco employees excited about exercise.

Integrating with Fitbit’s API and Cisco’s internal employee mobile app, the Fitness Program rewards individual accomplishment, lets staff members share and compare activity, and enables Cisco to create custom challenges for the company.

The idea of using fitness trackers appealed to the IT company’s technical spirit, but they wanted to do something that would link employees’ Fitbits into a business-wide initiative. Cisco Brazil is the official sponsor of the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, so this app made sense to inspire employees to get active and get moving.

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In partnership with Octagon, Real Art created a custom app that pulls activity information from a user’s Fitbit directly into their Cisco staff mobile app, providing a single interaction point that keeps users engaged with the Olympic spirit of the company’s exercise program.

Because the app lives within an existing application, it was important for it to seamlessly integrate with an established look. The design and style of the app follows the modern feel of Cisco’s brand with the addition of colorful details inspired by the Rio Olympic logo.

The Fitness Program dashboard displays the aggregated information of all of Cisco’s Brazil-based employees including a “Total Journey” measured in the number of marathons they would have completed, number of steps, average hours of rest per night, number of active minutes, and calories burned.

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Each user also sees a personal dashboard of their individual activity information and the challenges they’ve engaged with. A prominent button invites them to “Challenge an Opponent” enabling them to compete with co-workers to reach a specific goal, such as taking the most steps in a day or reaching a half marathon first.

Real Art built a custom backend system that manipulates and associates data while still protecting the privacy of its users. A unique token associated with a staff member’s Cisco ID enables the app to pull that person’s activity data without linking to identifying information.

Tools made easy

The content management tools we created for administrators make it easy for them to create and update community competitions based on a range of parameters. They can establish contests rewarding the first person to reach 100,000 steps, the person who walks most over a given set of time, and more. As Brazil ramps up to the Rio Olympics next fall, Cisco’s employees will be working on their own version of athletic training. Custom app integration and renewed activity challenges mean the Cisco Fitness Program is sure to get the gold for its users.

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