A grill-bike goes social to promote the joy of grilling

When Sears asked us to create a campaign around grilling, we honed in on a message of community and happiness. Grilling out is what gets you feeling good inside. That’s why we invented the grill-bike–a mobile-physical-social sensation. Made you look. Made you smile.

custom flavor

We created the grill-bike as a way to remind people that good company and good times are never far with a Sears grill around. We dialed up the delightfulness and fused together a combo of America’s most comforting pastimes. That’s right, mobile grilling on a classic bicycle. It’s good to go.






spreading happiness online

The grill-bike’s main mission is to promote the Grilling Is Happiness blog, a virtual hub for grilling fans. It features a rewards program around “random acts of grilling and happiness,” like sharing recipes and posting tips, photos, and videos. Star bloggers sprinkle grilling expertise into the cyber mix for a perfectly cooked-up fan land.

drawing a crowd

The grill-bike loves to make friends, and it always draws a crowd. It makes appearances wherever there’s lots of people: like food festivals, outdoor sporting events, or a country music concert. And it’s seriously fueling appetites. Smell that smoke. Taste that treat. Feel that sense of togetherness and the joy of grilling. What better way to peddle grills than to pedal this?

Finger-lickin’ success at ribfest

We wanted Grilling is Happiness to stand out at Ribfest, one of Chicagoland’s most beloved festivals. Amongst the frenzy of BBQ sauce and bibs, the grill-bike dished out promotional items like foam hats, cups, stylish shirts, and toy hot dogs. While promoting Sears, it was also driving festival goers to become fans of the grilling blog.

move that BIKE!

Celebrity host Ty Pennington served up extra excitement when he had his day on the grill-bike. Along with serving up meats, he was serving up Sears—bringing people back to the sales booth to learn more and live-posting about the experience on social media.

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