A major brand overhaul propelled Bonbright’s beer business to new heights.

A strong brand not only sets you apart from the competition, it gives you a reason to come into work everyday. When we teamed up with Bonbright Distributors, they’d been bringing beer to central Ohio for nearly eight decades. But their brand was as stale as an 80-year-old IPA.

We brewed up a full-service renovation of Bonbright’s brand, amplifying company values and redesigning everything from their logos and website to company messaging and philosophy.

Business in the front

The rectangular “business logo” is used for professional, printed materials like letterheads, labels, and business cards. It’s classic and classy.

Party in the back

The circular, bottle-cap-inspired “party logo” is used for things like branded beer mugs, internal events, and the company’s new manifesto.

a magnificent MANIFESTO

Every company needs to know why they exist and what their brand stands for. We distilled Bonbright’s passion and beliefs into an inspiring print manifesto. Combining company strategy with beer-fueled fun, the powerful messages in this booklet define the heart and soul of Bonbright. The shared excitement and friendship of Bonbright’s staff inspired the business’ new brand line: In Good Company. Not only does the motto reflect Bonbright’s internal relationships, it equally refers to their expanding portfolio of brands. As Bonbright woos more breweries for distribution, it helps to have a brand line tapping directly into the beer culture and camaraderie infusing everything they do.

Bottle-opening business cards

business cards that POP

Cut out of heavy gauge aluminum, these cards serve double-duty as custom bottle openers. Every time a client pops open a new brew, they know firsthand that Bonbright means beer. We didn’t stop there. Aluminum may be difficult to hand out in large quantities, so that is where our paper business card options come into play.


CHEERS to a bubbly new website

We brewed up an effervescent online presence that clients can easily use on any device. A bar-back can browse Bonbright’s site with one hand while pouring a cold brew with the other. The site offers a refreshing selection of company information in addition to unique expertise on beer tasting, how beer is made, food pairings, and even a famous family recipe for beer brats.


A beer-inspired brainwave led to this 14,000 bottle cap confection.

After collecting used beer caps, we turned them into a one-of-a-kind floor for the company’s entryway. No, we didn’t drink all those suds ourselves. Bonbright employees, family, and friends all pitched in. In just a few weeks, the caps were sorted, grouted in place, and covered with a thick layer of epoxy.

passing the TASTE TEST

Our work with Bonbright pushed their passion for beer to a whole new level, frothing up storytelling opportunities that they never expected.


The company's new materials helped them kick business into high gear, earning them MillerCoors’ Highest Distributor Performance Award.

At the Regional Addy Awards the Print Manifesto won Best of Show. Competing against all the work in the regional and tri-county area.

The Manifesto and Floor won gold addy’s at the regional level. Then going on to district where the manifesto took another gold, and the floor won silver.

Additional Work