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ooVoo, the world’s fastest-growing independent video chat app, asked Real Art to help them out of an identity crisis. Over just a few short months, we refined and revamped everything from ooVoo’s philosophy to their photography, colors, and messaging. Then, we put it into action with a manifesto, new website, national commercials, college tour, interactive promotions, events, and a show-stopping booth at CES 2015.

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ooVoo's online overhaul

Real Art seamlessly carried the new ooVoo brand onto the web with a clean look that brings visitors on a curated journey through the app’s features and uses. The site presents information in an appealing flow punctuated by attention-grabbing touches like parallax motion, custom icons, and gorgeous lifestyle photography.

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a shop that really pops

When ooVoo asked Real Art to help them create an experience to connect with the college crowd, we knew we had to make something that popped. Enter ooVooTique, a one-of-a-kind pop-up shop.

Constructed out of two shipping containers, the physical store was a work of art in itself. Staying true to ooVoo’s brand while celebrating its own distinct vibe, ooVooTique was stocked with objects as awesome and unique as ooVoo’s users. Rather than accepting cash or credit, the store used ooVoo friends and downloads as currency.

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ooVoo Flips Out Las Vegas


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stealing the show at ces

To launch this new platform and make a splash at CES 2015, ooVoo asked Real Art to weave together the many strands of their company into an unforgettable booth.

The space needed to do everything, from promoting their core consumer app to offering new strategic opportunities, and it delivered. The booth was named by TIME as one of the Most Eye-Catching Booths at CES and AdWeek featured ooVoo’s Intelligent Video as one of 7 Far Out Technologies That Marketers Must See.

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developer challenge

When ooVoo wanted to share information about their SDK with Android programmers at AnDevCon, they called in Real Art’s team of designers, developers, and makers to create an unforgettable and competitive in-booth experience.

Our bug-fixing, code-hacking “Developer’s Challenge” provided the booth visitors with an unforgettable interaction. From players to onlookers, everyone was drawn to ooVoo’s booth, eager to test their skills.

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