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Krush at CES
A VR Experience Blowing Minds IRL

At CES virtually everything is flashy, larger-than-life, digital, and interactive—how do you stand out from the very large crowd? We did it by being more clever, more conversation-worthy, and more creative than the rest.

For Krush’s CES debut, we didn’t just put their existing technology on display, we invented an entirely new way of experiencing it. With our in-house team of fabricators, game designers, coders, and engineers, we built a physical moving cabin which integrated seamlessly with a VR headset. Of course, since the technology was totally new, there weren’t any existing games that could utilize it, so we built that too. The experience was unbelievably immersive. Word quickly spread, and it was named Best of CES by Exhibitor Magazine.

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SXSW Experience
Stealing the Show in Austin

After our VR experience crushed it at CES, Krush knew they wanted to bring it to the crowds at SXSW. However, we knew we didn’t want to transplant an exhibit built for CES directly into SXSW—we wanted to tailor the experience to the different crowds, different setting, and wholly different vibe of the Austin event. So we overhauled the experience, bringing it outdoors, and making our VR simulator the centerpiece of a very cool party—and attracting over 6k visitors in the process.

Krush at SXSW
Krush at SXSW
Krush at SXSW
Brand Identity
Defining a Startup from the Ground Up

As a startup, Krush’s expertise lay in combining existing technologies and using them in never-before-seen ways. We worked with them from day one to build out an entire brand identity that would embody their ethos and excite investors and customers. Referencing maker-hacker culture, we started with the basics: their name and logo, then built out from there, working with them on an aspirational manifesto—a North Star that would guide and inspire employees.

why do we exist, humans + machines
uncanny vision
fierce speed
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