Ready, Aim… Design!

Hi! My name is Lauren Thompson, and I am the new extern at Real Art Dayton. I’m a second year student at the School of Advertising Art (SAA), getting ready to graduate in May (fingers crossed)! When I received Real Art as my externship, I was extremely excited to be a part of such an awesome company. 

Just a few things about me:

  • I am from Casstown, OH (if you haven’t heard of it, don’t worry, you’re not alone).
  • My dad was in the army, so my parents lived in Germany for a year before moving to Fort Knox, Kentucky, where I was born on the army base (UK fan for life).
  • Most people wouldn’t believe me, but I have been hunting (turkeys, geese, ducks) since I was eight years old with my dad. Everyone says that we’re twins.
  • I am extremely accident-prone. I have a ridiculous amount of scars (I would not make a very good hand model). The huge scar over my eyebrow is from someone throwing a cat on my head while I was sleeping (in case you’re tempted to ask).
  • The last Real Art extern, Danielle Thompson, is actually one of my best friends (and my roommate).

Growing up, art was always the thing I was good at. The older I got, the more I thought about making it into a career. I decided to go to Miami Valley Career Technology Center for Commercial Graphic Art my junior and senior years of high school. Now, at SAA, I spend a lot of my time obsessing over well-designed typography, websites, and layouts.

So far at Real Art, I’ve learned the importance of having a close-knit team and a creative workspace. Real Art is an amazing start to my “real life” design experience. I could not be more blessed for having this opportunity to meet such amazing people in such a great environment.

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