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Real Art combines the NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN with the WHY-DIDN’T-I-THINK-OF-THAT. Blending art and invention, we get people to discover and remember you.
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Call of Duty Loadout Boxes...
An Activision Activation to Attract Top Talent

When Activision Blizzard wanted to attract top talent to their Call of Duty development team, Real Art drew inspiration from the war that inspired the series. In the 40s, Alan Turing found codebreakers to crack the German Enigma at Bletchley Park through a crossword puzzle in The Daily Telegraph. Real Art created their own crossword puzzles, combining clues about Activision, coding, and game design, then attached them to a larger-than-life Loadout Box, a popular element of the game. Then we dropped them where they’d reach the perfect audience: in the middle of San Francisco’s annual Game Developers Conference. They stole the show, and fans lined up to try their hand at the puzzles and a chance to win prizes—and maybe a dream job at Activision. Winners received their prize-filled crate at home, creating more buzz for Activision recruiting when the gigantic delivery was posted on LinkedIn.

Puzzle Image
People working on solving puzzle
People working on solving puzzle
People working on solving puzzle
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