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Real Art combines the NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN with the WHY-DIDN’T-I-THINK-OF-THAT. Blending art and invention, we get people to discover and remember you.
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Bee, for Real

Chipotle uses only 53 real ingredients that you can recognize, pronounce...and spell. But how do you get people talking, sharing, and caring about it? We did it by hosting a live competition at Scripps National Spelling Bee where we asked young champions to spell typical fast food ingredients (like hydroxypropyl methylcellulose) and then spell Chipotle ingredients (like green peppers or garlic). The resulting video was a visceral and memorable reminder that not all food is created equal.

“Real Art has created some of our most compelling digital brand activations that bring a different perspective versus the rest of our agency partner set.”

Stephanie Perdue, VP, Brand Marketing, Chipotle
Host high fives young girl contestant
crowd cheers and smiles
Brand Collateral
The 88 Club

Four of the best Cowboys receivers ever to play—Drew Pearson, Michael Irvin, Dez Bryant, and CeeDee Lamb—had never been in the same room until Chipotle and Real Art brought them together. In this national campaign, we filmed the 88 Club legends discussing what it means to wear the number 88 while they enjoyed eating Real Food for Real Athletes.

88 club
88 club - behind the scenes
88 club - behind the scenes
88 club - behind the scenes
Run TreVeyon Run
Kicking Off Chipotle’s OSU NIL Partnership in Style

Real Art helped launch Chipotle’s NIL Ohio State partnership with this beautifully shot video. Heisman winner Archie Griffin narrates as OSU star TreVeyon Henderson enters the tunnel to Ohio Stadium, reflecting on what matters most, in this powerful video connecting Chipotle to OSU fans.

behind the scenes
behind the scenes
behind the scenes
behind the scenes
Chipotle IQ
Real Art challenged Chipotle fans to put their brand knowledge to the test

We concepted, wrote, designed, and built Chipotle IQ, a trivia microsite that tests fans’ knowledge of Chipotle’s 53 real ingredients, food prep, sustainability, and farming—with winners receiving one of 500,000 BOGOs. The campaign was such a success, Chipotle keeps bringing it back, year after year.

Chipotle IQ App Screens
Woo Hoo You Won! Buy One Get One Free Extra Credit Animated GIF
User holding phone with congratulations screen
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