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Super Bowl Claw Game
An Attention-Grabbing Experience

When Verizon signed up to be a title sponsor of the Super Bowl XLVII Boulevard Festival, they needed something massive to wow the crowds. They turned to Real Art, who brought out The Claw—the world’s largest Claw Game, conceived, designed, and constructed by Real Art (and confirmed by Guinness World Records). Fans swamped to try their hand at the claw, and win big (literally enormous) prizes. Using a Verizon-powered mobile tablet, of course. 

touch screen controls
Super Bowl Claw Machine Photo
Super Bowl Claw Machine Photo
Amplify It
Setting the Beat for Verizon's Flagship

Can you hear me now? Visitors to Verizon’s Chicago flagship store could—as they mixed custom audio (and video) tracks in an experimental DIY DJ booth created by Real Art in partnership with AKQA. From fabricating the booth to programming the microcontroller, we designed, built, and tested every element in-house. The result was a delight for the senses that guests lined up to experience and share—and such a win for Verizon, the company expanded the activation to additional flagship stores across the nation.

DJ controls
Event Photo
Event Photo
5G Center
Complex Data, Clarified

Verizon needed a simple, clear way to illuminate complex information about the benefits of their 5G network for an installation in their DC Technology & Policy Center. In collaboration with Hyperquake, Real Art created a series of digital experiences that demonstrated how fast 5G can be, and encouraged visitors to rethink what’s possible on a mobile network. The center is powered by a custom CMS which distributes content to twenty-seven monitors configured in a series of eight vignettes throughout the space.

5G Center
5G Center
Additional Work