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Real Art combines the NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN with the WHY-DIDN’T-I-THINK-OF-THAT. Blending art and invention, we get people to discover and remember you.
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DIY Escape Room
Breaking Out the Big Tools for Lowe's

Ads for Black Friday tool sales don’t generally trend online. So how do you make one that stands out, gets audiences paying attention, and actually drives sales?

Real Art did it by creating an escape room (actually, an escape building) with individual puzzles that could be solved using Lowe’s tools. Then we teamed DIY influencers up with professional contractors and filmed them working together to literally build solutions to the problem, reality TV style. It was the world’s first escape room you had to construct your way out of.

The result was over 9M views (4M+ on week 1) and Lowe’s most successful YouTube video of all time. Black Friday sales blew the roof off Lowe’s expectations.

Team gathers in a group talking
DIY Escape Room Logo
Lowe’s Home Team
NFL Stars Repair Local Communities

Lowe's tapped Real Art to create a video series featuring quarterback Drew Brees coming out of retirement to recruit fellow NFL stars to join his “Home Team” and help fix up their local communities. Real Art produced, directed, and filmed these videos, which were part of an integrated campaign and announced during the NFL Draft by host Rich Eisen. The series also featured Bears QB Justin Fields and Steelers running back Najee Harris. 

Justin Fields
Najee Harris
Behind the scenes
Behind the scenes
Behind the scenes
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