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Bonbright: All The Bottle Caps

When beer distributor Bonbright approached Real Art, we saw a chance to not only set them apart but to help them tell the story of their core business: beer.

Bonbright Floor Timelapse from Real Art on Vimeo.

The craziest projects always come from conversation. In a meeting with Bonbright Distributors, someone casually mentioned that they were hoping to redo the entryway at Bonbright HQ. To which I offhandedly asked, “Why don’t you put bottle caps all over the floor?”

Just like that, a dream was born.


We made samples. The client loved them. But while the concept was simple, collecting more than 14,000 bottle caps was not. A number of employees from both Bonbright and Real Art pitched in to donate caps and we tapped a few local bars to help us out, too.

Then came the sorting. It was important from the start that the only beer caps included in the floor were from beers distributed by Bonbright. Hours were spent checking each individual cap before it was grouted in place and finished with epoxy.

bottlecaps 1

After days of collecting caps, a week of preparation, and a full week of hands-on installation, the mosaic was finally complete. Now, every time we hear the sound of a bottle cap hitting the concrete here at Real Art, it reminds us all of this amazing floor.


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