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Website for The Big Hoopla


We designed and built a new online HQ for The Big Hoopla, Dayton’s annual March Madness tip-off celebration and the home of the NCAA First Four. This spring, Dayton will kickoff March Madness for the 15th consecutive year. But for the first time, comprehensive information about events, sponsors, and tickets will all be found in one engaging website.

This fall, Dayton was officially selected to host the NCAA First Four through 2018, and The Big Hoopla Organizing Committee knew it was time to invest in a stronger online presence. As a company of basketball fanatics and multi-year a Hoopla sponsor, Real Art was a natural choice to design and develop the new site.

In past years, the content of the Hoopla website had been hardcoded, meaning that changes to event information or ticket details had to be executed by a programmer working directly with the code.


We designed an attractive and responsive site visually consistent with the Hoopla’s existing brand (also created by the Real Art team), and connected it to an intuitive, off-the-shelf content management system. We also integrated the site’s events section directly with the Big Hoopla’s third-party event management program. Now, organizers can easily make content updates, publish press releases, and automatically create and promote events.

It’s easier than ever to encourage participant registration. And with so much more information at the user’s fingertips, we’re sure that this year’s Big Hoopla will be the best one yet.

2014 First Four Highlights from Dayton Hoopla

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