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Game Graphics for the UD Flyers

Real Art is home to a number of basketball superfans and UD alumni, so we were stoked to create the University of Dayton’s in-game video graphics for the third year in a row. Combining high-quality stills with 3D animated motion graphics and special effects, we whipped up a set of energetic assets to accompany the Flyers on the court.

The University of Dayton recently rebranded, giving us the opportunity to generate more digital materials than in previous years. We made everything from player cards for the men’s and women’s teams to digital signage, in-game reset screens, and stat screens. We even customized the score and stats graphics for each game, importing the opposing team’s logos and colors to make the visuals feel more immediate and rooted in the moment. Previously, each game used the same generic backgrounds.

Our player cards built off of full-body promotional photographs of each team member, with the addition of post-production special effects and animations that provide a feeling of dynamic intensity. We also created digital treatments of the Flyers’ new logo for moments during pre-game and time outs.

Today, the Flyer’s in-game graphics look better than ever. But if you’re at all curious about how we made last year’s hype video, you’d better check out our FlyRig.










Visit the Real Art Vimeo page to see more of our work for the University of Dayton and other clients.

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