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Commercials for ooVoo

ooVoo is the world’s fastest-growing independent video chat app, garnering nearly 100,000 new downloads each day. But like any consumer-focused company, they can’t just rest on their current numbers. Building off of ooVoo’s exuberant new brand, Real Art scripted, storyboarded, filmed, and produced a series of national television commercials to strategically build awareness, brand recognition, and user registrations.

ooVoo aspires to be the world’s great connector, bringing together all people, all over the globe. But being “for everyone, everywhere” is problematic when it comes to TV marketing. To drill down to ooVoo’s emotional story, we began by exploring the concept of connection, imagining hundreds of everyday moments which people might share over video chat. Our team considered everything from a dad reading a bedtime story with a child across the ocean, to a teenager celebrating passing her driver’s test, to old friends watching the game from across town.

It’s small moments like these that help strengthen relationships. We liked the idea that any moment could become a moment worth sharing. That’s what lead us to the campaign line, “Everything’s A Moment.”

Each commercial needed to use a specific story to represent broader possibilities. We narrowed down our list of scenarios to three 15-second spots illustrating a range of people, places, devices, and connections over video chat. Then we storyboarded each commercial and put all of the pieces in place for filming: arranging for actors, locations, permits, equipment, and a pony.


After shooting, our team went to work editing the 15-second spots, combining filmed footage with motion graphics designed to fit the new ooVoo brand.

The final commercials pull the viewer into an emotional moment before pulling back to reveal that the connection is shared over ooVoo. There’s a skater who finally nails his jump, a couple saying goodnight to each other, and kid enjoying her first pony ride and as her grandmother looks on. Each interaction may seem small, but they build the human connection that ooVoo is all about.

We ran the commercials on channels targeted to ooVoo’s core audiences in Austin, Texas; Dayton, Ohio; Louisville, Kentucky; Palm Springs, California; and Raleigh, North Carolina. Over four weeks, the TV spots earned more than 3 million impressions and lead to localized spikes in app downloads.

Tapping into the emotional draw of video chat, we helped ooVoo connect even more people than ever before.


Learn more about Real Art’s work rebranding ooVoo and building their new online presence.


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