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ooVoo Developer’s Challenge

Dev Challenge_COMP-10There’s nothing better than a little friendly competition to keep an audience engaged. When video chat company ooVoo wanted to share information about their SDK with Android programmers at AnDevCon, they called in Real Art’s team of designers, developers, and makers to create an unforgettable and competitive in-booth experience.

From the start, we knew we wanted to make an interactive challenge around the idea of decoding and bug fixes—the perfect puzzle to keep conference attendees engaged with ooVoo’s code. Our in-house developers went to work, using the SDK to create a demo app seeded with incomplete commands and small errors. Players were tasked with removing all the bugs to create a successful video call between two tablets.

To house the game, we built a large wooden kiosk designed to look like a shipping crate and painted with eye-catching graphics. Players wrote code on a central monitor with a keyboard mounted below. Two Android Samsung tablets on either side of the main screen displayed a contacts list and a 10-minute countdown clock.


Inspired by ooVoo’s brand message Open Up Life, the crate was designed to literally open for the winner. When a player fixed all the bugs to complete the call within their alotted 10 minutes, the top of the crate lifted to reveal a Moto360 Android watch or a Raspberry Pi B+ with a demo of the ooVoo SDK for WebRTC.

Dev Challenge_COMP-9

Our bug-fixing, code-hacking “Developer’s Challenge” provided the developers at AnDevCon with an unforgettable interaction. Every day, more and more attendees cued up for their turn to play, huddling around the booth to watch how their friends measured up. Even after failed attempts, many players got right back in line, determined to beat the bugs. Out of hundreds of determined contestants, only ten walked away with a prize.

From players, to onlookers, everyone was drawn to ooVoo’s booth, eager to test their skills. One player even said it was “the best booth” at AnDevCon. We’d have to agree. But next year, we’ll gladly accept some friendly competition.




Dev Challenge_COMP-3


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