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Now Showing: Real Art’s Video Capabilities


Video. It’s one of our favorite ways to get clients’ brands into people’s brains. Here at Real Art, our crackerjack team works on every aspect of moving pictures, from scriptwriting and storyboarding through shooting, editing, and post-production.


We design video
We don’t just shoot and edit video, we design it, thinking-through every detail before filming begins. Unlike other agencies, we don’t farm out our production work. The same people who talk with the client and create the concept are there on set, behind the camera, and in the editor’s chair. They’re the ones who fully understand the problem and actively shape the final product into just the right solution.


No limits
We don’t limit our video production in terms of style, genre, or technique. We create everything from motion graphics, to 3D animation, 3D design and interaction, documentary-style interviews, sizzle reels, commercials, video mission statements, and more.


Built to shoot
Having a dedicated workshop, filming space, and talented in-house fabricators means that we can build special sets, exploding props, and custom camera rigs tailored to our clients’ needs. If our team excels at any one aspect of video production, it’s creating one-of-a-kind shots using unique tools.


The medium is the message
We only make video projects when we’re sure that it’s the absolute best medium for the job. Otherwise, we’d just make the website, pamphlet, or interactive robot RV that drives the desired action or impression. Likewise, when a client asks us to create a web presence that conveys the emotional heart of their brand, we’re ready to dive in and make a video manifesto for the top of their homepage.


A different perspective
When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. Most other agencies making video will work only in a particular genre or style. But here at Real Art, we do much much more than make amazing video. We have a full staff of stellar print and digital designers, developers, writers, and fabricators providing new perspectives and limitless possibility.









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