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ooVoo Booth at CES 2015


ooVoo is more than the world’s largest independently-owned video chat and messaging app, they’re creating the next generation of live video communication: Intelligent Video. To launch this new platform and make a splash at CES 2015, ooVoo asked Real Art to weave together the many strands of their company into an unforgettable booth.

The space needed to do everything: promote their core consumer app, unveil Intelligent Video, champion advertising sales, highlight their growing number of SDK partnerships, exhibit new demos, offer strategic opportunities, show off user stats, and feature ooVoo’s collaborations with the likes of Intel, SONY, Affectiva, and FaceShift.

To bring all of these actions together and make ooVoo a standout stop at the largest technology show on Earth, we designed an in-booth visitor experience that was utterly remarkable.

Every element of the ooVoo booth was carefully planned and crafted to bring visitors on a journey through four zones: the flip-dot wall, Intelligent Video stations, SDK Pavillion, and and an area dedicated to the consumer app.


This 29.5’x6.3′ display of moving pixels was a total showstopper, built to grab and hold attention. From experience, we knew that once we had people’s interest, it would be easy to open a dialogue about Intelligent Video and bring them through to the next zone of the booth.


Four Intelligent Video app demos were positioned on the concave side of the flip-dot wall, demonstrating the exciting potential of ooVoo’s new platform. Concise messaging explained Intelligent Video and the details of each app.

CES_0000_Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 11.54.32 AM

Here, visitors experienced Affectiva’s emotion-reading technology, integrated with ooVoo in a whole new kind of social game: Flinch. Visitors’ faces were transformed by Avatar Chat, a demo combining Intelligent Video with FaceShift to create real-time virtual avatars. A third demo used Intel’s latest RealSense depth sensor to give visitors a sneak peek into the future of 3D Background Replacement. The fourth demo took cues from emotion metrics to create a kind of next-generation autocomplete.

These apps not only highlighted ooVoo’s partnerships with Affectiva, Intel, and FaceShift, they were designed to get users thinking about the future of this technology and how they might use or integrate Intelligent Video in their own lives.


We designed the booth so visitors then moved into an “SDK Pavillion” occupying the lower portion of ooVoo’s central two-story structure. We created sizzle videos and designed messaging to tell a range of stories illustrating different ways collaborators have integrated ooVoo’s SDK into other products and experiences.

The featured case studies included an ooVoo app built for SONY PS4, ooVoo’s collaboration with Intel to optimize WebRTC-enabled devices for the ooVoo app, BET’s use of ooVoo’s SDK to create a new online game show, and the story of a teenager who used ooVoo’s SDK to invent a video chat-enabled pet dish.


After leaving the SDK Pavillion, attendees entered the area dedicated to showcasing ooVoo’s consumer app. With more than 120 million users all over the globe, ooVoo is one of the fastest-growing video chat platforms on the planet. We needed to help CES attendees get a feel for what makes ooVoo so special.


Three luminous pillars displayed brand photography, key messaging panels, and tablets running a local version of ooVoo’s chat app. The large-scale photography drew people’s attention, the app directly engaged them with the product, and the adjacent copy and graphics supported ooVoo as a leader in video chat.


Considering the wide range of activities and information this space needed to support, another company could easily have been consumed in head-spinning confusion.

But because Real Art has an equally wide range of capabilities—including strategy, graphic design, environmental design, digital design, app development, fabrication, electrical engineering, and video production—we were able to execute every aspect of the creative in-house, ensuring each piece fit together in perfect harmony. The booth’s videos, demos, signage, and appearance all worked together to leave visitors with a cohesive, multi-faceted understanding of ooVoo.


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