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ooVooTique Pop-Up Shop

When ooVoo, the world’s fastest-growing independent video chat app, asked Real Art to help them create an experience to connect with college-age users, we knew we had to make something that popped. Enter ooVooTique, a one-of-a-kind pop-up shop where everything is free when you have friends.


ooVoo is all about getting people together to share more moments and memories. Their video chat platform is also 100% free. So when we began dreaming-up a brand experience for users near the University of Texas in Austin, we knew that “friends” and “free” would be a part of the mantra. Almost immediately, we had the idea of opening a unique kind of pop-up shop.


The concept is simple. ooVooTique is stocked with objects as awesome and unique as ooVoo’s users—scorpion lollipops, a 1974 Cushman, letterpress posters, and the like—but the store doesn’t accept cash or credit. Only ooVoo friends and downloads. The more friends someone has on ooVoo, the more merchandise they can buy.

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Real Art created a visual style for ooVooTique that stays true to ooVoo’s primary brand while celebrating its own distinct vibe. The hand-lettered phrases in ooVoo’s messaging inspired a hand-drawn look that served to underscore the personal and curatorial themes of ooVooTique. The store also used ooVoo’s brand colors to perfection, with signs, graphics, and merchandise reflecting ooVoo’s entire color palette.


Constructed out of two shipping containers, the physical store was a work of art in itself. Each end of the space was capped with frosted glass, letting in natural light and providing a tantalizing glimpse inside. A fleet of retro-inspired signs surrounded the store, attracting passersby with eye-catching panache.

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Inside, wall graphics reinforced the “free” messaging and added a playful touch. A “selfie station” adorned one wall, enticing new ooVoo users to post ooVooTique pictures to their social media. This was especially helpful in getting visitors to share their experience online.

Each piece of merchandise was carefully curated to be odd and engaging. Items ranged from a red unicycle to a levitating speaker, a Vespa, and a vintage pachinko machine. Custom tags stated each item’s ooVoo friend value and highlighted the ways that people could use the objects to connect.

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When ooVooTique was finally installed along Austin’s “Main Drag” in the spring of 2015, a hand-picked staff of local “Curators” welcomed store visitors and guided them through the check-out process. Each time a new person walked into the store, they were immediately engaged with its objects and purpose.

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Friendly curators would explain to visitors that downloading the ooVoo app would earn them a free t-shirt. And if the visitor added ooVoo friends, each one counted as a dollar toward any of the merchandise. The more folks in their ooVoo friends list, the more things they could buy.


To put it plainly, ooVooTique was a hit. App downloads and engagement spiked the moment the store opened. In fact, it was so successful, the merchandise flew off the shelves nearly as fast as the curators could restock it. In the store’s final week, ooVooTique held a pop-up party for the neighborhood featuring soda pop, a pop tart bar, popsicles, bubble performers, and more.

The pop-up shop also garnered a slew of press for ooVoo, including features on PSFK and We Are Austin.

It was such a wild success, that ooVoo has asked us to bring ooVooTique to a new campus location in the fall. So stay tuned to see if this unique shop is coming to a school near you.

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