Case Study

A Thirst-Quenching Brand Activation for ooVoo at Cannes

The Challenge
How do you introduce a ground-breaking new platform at the most important annual event for the creative and advertising industry? ooVoo, the world’s fastest-growing independent video chat app, asked us to design an experience to match the energy and excitement of Cannes. The star of the show was the next generation of its software, Intelligent Video™. For the 12,000 creative executives and professionals who descend on Cannes each year during the seven day celebration of design, creativity, and innovation—we knew we had to come up with something memorable.

The Jooce Shoppe
Welcome to the Jooce Shoppe, the only bar where your expression pours the drink. Using ooVoo’s Intelligent Video platform, which analyzes and responds to live video in real time, we created an interactive lounge where facial expressions magically served drinks to an excited crowd.


The Space
Before designing anything, the first thing we needed to do was find the perfect space. Two Real Art-ers flew to France and back (on one of the shortest trips we’ve ever taken) just to explore the incredible Palais that’s home to the film festival each year.

And we were really excited by what we saw! We set up shop underneath the grand stairway, a central location directly between the two largest auditoriums. Whether guests entered from the right or left, the space was perfectly symmetrical. We divided the booth, making the right side blue and the left side red. Our flip-dot wall, a showstopper at CES this year, served as the background and incorporated ooVoo’s messaging alongside Jooce Shoppe custom animations.


Four “Jooce Jerks” decked out in hats, bow ties, and striped aprons manned each side and encouraged participants to “step up and pucker” or “step up and smile.” Guests were amazed as their expressions operated the juice machines, serving a sour (blue) juice for a pucker and a sweet (red) juice for a smile. The tablets on each juice dispenser captured the crowd and projected videos to 18 monitors—9 on each side of the booth—that displayed the grins and grimaces for attendees as they passed.


We held a daily happy hour serving spiked drinks to creative executives who, let’s be honest, are also in the south of France to have some fun. The Jooce Shoppe sparked conversations about ooVoo’s Intelligent Video and its potential—from measuring and adapting to viewers’ emotions, to enabling new kinds of interactive experiences.

A Group Effort
Starting with creative design and bringing in video, interaction, and app development teams, the Jooce Shoppe was one of those projects we love, where almost everyone plays a part.

Our project manager navigated some tricky logistics getting the flip-dot wall shipped. International customs wasn’t sure what to make of thousands of dots and wires. Our awesome video team produced motion graphics and type animation, and handled projecting the live videos of people operating the juice dispensers.


Development worked the tricky engineering behind a killer app incorporating ooVoo Intelligent Video, and answered the tough questions like, “how do you measure a pucker?” Our engineers then hooked up the app, re-engineering details of the juice machines, and finished it off with details like 3D printed matching trays.

Just like ooVoo, the Jooce Shoppe was designed to encourage conversation and connection, and as much as we considered the space, the messaging, and the branding, ultimately our focus was on the people experiencing it as we created something festival goers will remember for years.


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