Real Art Welcomes Alicia Grodecki


Real Art welcomes Alicia Grodecki as the newest addition to our Real Art team. She is the welcoming new face of the Front Office in our Dayton headquarters. She brings a vigorous passion for connecting with others and learning through shared experiences, as well as a background in communications and writing.

Grodecki is a recent graduate of Wright State University where she earned a Bachelor’s of Liberal Arts with a focus in English and Communications. Her passion for writing, learning, and building connections with others is coupled with a strong desire to create and innovate in new and challenging ways.

Grodecki is continually seeking new means of being inspired throughout day to day life and is driven by her interactions with others who have a passion for creating, learning, exploring, and, most importantly, dreaming. Her writing and research has been published in multiple academic databases and magazines.

The majority of Grodecki’s free time is spent pursuing music with her band – Moira, traveling, seeking out delicious food, studying Spanish, reading books of any sort, or pondering the meaning of life.

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