A Real Renaissance Celebration


To mark the 30th anniversary of Real Art we threw a medieval bash replete with trebuchet games and a roast pig. Read on for a full report on the festivities from our staff minstrel.

‘Twas a celebration of art and invention
At our court of guard in the fine land of Dayton.
There was a delicious feast and plenty of games
A queen, and knights, and an arrow of flames.
Sit back, and relax; prithee we won’t get wordy
As we tell the story of when Real Art turned thirty.


The skies were clear and the air was cool
As people gathered ‘round a strange wooden tool.
Into the air these corn sacks did fly
Aimed for the goal, the hole, the bull’s eye.
Two by two curious couples did play
‘Till one was crown’d, champion of trebuchet.


After games there were stomachs ‘a grumbling
‘Twas time to eat, to the café there was rumbling.
A full roast pig, fruits of harvest, and more
Filling up plates was no easy chore.
Cookies and cakes and sweets were all served
A gargantuan feast was truly observed.


Then out of the court the group did dismiss
For a spectacle awaited we just couldn’t miss.
Hark! An archer was up in the rafter
He drew back is arrow, set aglow, like a master.
Flames flew through the air, our breaths held higher
Until one made contact to lightith ye bonfire.


The night was winding down, eyes growing tired
What with games, and food, and arrows being fired.
But we won’t forget this party in all it’s truth
For we hath evidence from ye olde photo booth
But above and beyond we know in thine heart
What it means to be a part of Real Art!

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