Behind the Scenes: Logo Design


A strong brand gets the public to take notice and gives your people something to be proud of. Your logo is a crucial player, acting as the ambassador of your brand’s visual identity.

Over the years, we’ve helped many a company through the process of re-inventing or designing a logo from scratch. We’ve found it’s about discovering who a client is, asking the right questions and sorting through insights to find the really inspiring facts and feedback. We then work to distill that information into its most meaningful pieces, finding the visual language to perfectly convey a company’s credo. Here’s a walk through our process from kick-off to closure.

1. Kick-off meeting
Once a logo project comes in, we gather our team together and invite the client and members of their team to our office. The goal of this meeting is to get to know as much about their business (past, present and future) as we possibly can. We often craft a creative brief of questions that we share with them ahead of time so that they arrive ready to discuss.

2. Research
Next is one of the most important steps in setting the foundation for the logo design. After the kick-off meeting our designers take what they’ve learned and combine it with their own industry research. The resulting visual components are presented internally with the team and can take the form of screen grabs, textures, colors or anything else that helps represent the personality of the client. We discuss these ideas extensively to ensure that the direction we take is the best possible visual representation of the client.

3. Sketches
Now that the general styles have been determined, our designers begin sketching their ideas either on paper or on the computer. We review sketches by collaborating as a group to determine what’s working and what’s not and which direction to take the logo designs.


4. Design
After the sketches are narrowed down to those that we think best represent the client, the designers hit the computer to begin working their magic in digital form. This is where they experiment with different font treatments or determine if a completely custom font is the right answer. Initial logos are designed in black and white allowing focus to remain on the form and function of each design idea, and color is added a little later. We have multiple internal review sessions with the team to determine as a group what we think is working and what still needs to be tweaked to get the logo to the best point for client presentation.

5. Present
We choose our strongest concepts to put in front of the client. We show our logos on designated boards for each project either digitally or on actual boards, including a black and white and a couple color options. We encourage the client to give us as much feedback as possible to narrow down logo options.

6. Refine
From the presentation feedback, the designers refine the narrowed down concepts for the next round of feedback. Depending on how far we get with the approval process we may even start to show usage scenarios to help a client make their final decision.

7. Finalize
Once a logo and color palette are approved we can move forward with design of business papers or any other applications discussed. Finally, when creating or tweaking a brand we almost always supply a brand guide for future reference to help maintain a strong brand presence.

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