Case Study

A Super Bowl Experience


We challenged Super Bowl attendees to step up their game.

When Kaiser Permanente, the largest managed care organization in the country headed to the Super Bowl, Real Art was tasked with creating an experience as exciting as the biggest sporting event of the year. We partnered with Octagon to design a booth that would engage attendees and capture contacts for Kaiser.

We built a playful experience with a focus on fitness. Arriving at the booth, guests were welcomed by brand ambassadors who checked them in and handed each an NFC bracelet. Visitors then tried their luck at the main attraction: the cycling challenge. Before jumping on the bike, a brand ambassador scanned each participant’s bracelet. As they captured photographs of the fun, everything was saved for the visitor to access later with their email address. When participants took off on their ride, the modified stationary bikes were rigged to play hype video content on large screens behind each bike and flash LED lights along the floor in tune with the cycling. After trying out the challenge, attendees could explore the training and health bars for workout tips and healthy recipes, all along using the bracelet to store photos, recipes, and training tips for later.




We built a website featuring a promotional video, event information, and social integrations. The personalized retrieval section of the site allowed visitors to sign in with their emails after the event to access all their photos and stored information.

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 11.11.13 AM

Custom App
To create a seamless experience, we developed a smart app that functioned in multiple roles across the separate stations. Whether checking a guest in or saving their photo, one app handled all our data capture and experience metrics.


Connected Bikes
We modified the stationary bikes with sensors and a microcontroller to detect motion and communicate with the hardware and application controlling video playback and LED display.

People poured in to try out the challenge and check out the different stations, letting Kaiser collect contacts and guests take home memories, recipes, and workout lessons for later. Over the course of the event, over 7,500 people checked out the booth with 5,000 visitors registered.

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