Emotit for President: A Site for the Election's Most Unique App
Case Study

Emotit for President: Building a Site for the Election’s Most Unique App

emotit for president

We were tasked with building a website for Emotit for President, an app that helps you sift through the political static.

In an election cycle filled with endless storylines and drama, Emotit for President launched to help both the casual and fanatical political observer pinpoint the moments that matter most. In tandem with the app’s debut, Real Art was asked to build a website to get Emotit for President out in the world.

Create a website that’s not merely an afterthought to the app itself. Work to draw prospective users in with the story of the app told through colorful and striking design meant to supplement the call-to-action for downloading the app itself.

emotit for president


Striking Design
The Emotit for President site features a color scheme that evokes the spirit of American politics in vibrant red and blues. It does this without leaning towards a connotation of a singular political party thanks to muted tan tones giving a balance to the palette. Boldness in the type and headers give an effective, concise summary of each individual section, relaying the most crucial information in an eye-catching manner. A combination of responsive design, large imagery, and parallax scrolling give off a dynamic feel as the visitor navigates the page. At the very top of the page, the call-to-action is clearly presented with images of the app’s interface, a short description, and links for downloading.

Telling the Story
With Emotit for President’s laundry list of diverse features, it was important to show off without being overwhelming. This was accomplished by focusing on three distinct, but different, features: the curation of the best political content, the ability to skip to the best part of any political video, and a feature that allows you to compare your emotional reactions to the race to the rest of the nation. Colorful, clean graphics and to-the-point copy highlight each of these in short blurbs, with the site’s proceeding sections expanding on the features with more in-depth descriptions and photos of the app in action.

emotit for president

With clear communication and a thorough understanding of the concept and app’s purpose between the client and the creative team at Real Art, the design process came together quickly. Real Art’s commitment to telling Emotit’s story made for a seamless partnership from pitch to presentation. As a piece of the first big rollout for the product, the website serves as a strong welcome mat for the future of Emotit for President.

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