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Making a Dream, a Reality


At Real Art, we get serious when it comes to window displays. Like Fifth Avenue, Rodeo Drive serious. With the floor-to-ceiling, First Street facing window of the Dayton office, we try to aim for the stars.

Dressed in paper airplanes, we present our first in a series of absolute-inspired window displays. What’s an absolute? Great question. To put it simply, the 12 Absolutes are the Real Art way. They’re the merits we live by—guiding us to build, act, and do. They teach us how to build wonder.

With each absolute, a group of Real Arters will tribe-together and showcase their interpretation of one value we hold dear through the front window display. The installations will serve as a “window” into the world of Real Art—how we think, what we build, and how we play. They will give us a chance to engage with the local community, attracting the attention of numerous passers-by making their way through downtown Dayton.

Ideally, this series will change quarterly throughout the year. Having an absolute to guide each window streamlines the activation process because they already align with Real Art culture. We’re eliminating the plague of the random-theme-artist-block, one absolute at a time.


With our first absolute, Dream Big, we decided to shoot it to the moon—literally. That’s how big dreamers dream. We took this opportunity to incorporate elements from a few past projects, such as a giant trebuchet from our 30th anniversary party, and paper airplane strands from a GE Aviation installation.



To bring it all together, we harnessed the personal talents of our team. Tom Davis created an oversized paper airplane and an out-of-this-world paper mâché moon, complete with a tiny Real Art flag. To contribute her lettering skills, Candy Niemeyer painted “shoot it to the moon” across the display. Lastly, for a bit of magic, Crystal Dennis constructed some paper airplane suitcase-explosions. Everything blended into a motif of neutral newspaper, wood brown tones, and of course, the Real Art red.

“With extraordinary creativity and vivid imagination, dreamers never run out of ideas.” — Real Art Manifesto



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