Case Study

New Heights: 2016 GE Aviation Leadership Summit


We created an inspiring leadership event for a mighty industrial company.

For the past few years, Real Art has partnered with GE Aviation to create a memorable annual leadership summit. The theme this year, “eXperiment to eXpectation,” embodied the spirit of a company focused on solving some of the biggest challenges of our time. With an amazing program and line-up of speakers, GE Aviation tasked Real Art with helping them deliver an event that would inspire their people to go bigger, faster, and farther than ever before.

We knew we had to bring a new energy to the event this year. Our logo redesign gave the experience a fresh face and we transformed the space to match the new approved theme. From printed materials to the inspirational kick-off video, we helped GE execute an event that embodied the company’s history of innovation and set the stage for new, exciting initiatives.


Working from the predetermined theme of “eXperiment to eXpectation,” we developed a new logo treatment that conveyed notions of innovation and forward-thinking execution.

Meeting Space Transformation
Real Art transformed the daytime meeting space, sourcing decor and centerpieces for the tables and recommending lighting and drapes. We designed posters and banners to familiarize the audience with the new look and help with wayfinding. Providing a graphic template for presentations, we also designed a printed program that worked in conjunction with a branded notebook waiting for guests at their tables when they arrived.

Inspirational Kick-off Video
We concepted and produced a video to set the tone and share the agenda for the day. Working with key themes, we created a visual introduction that highlighted upcoming speakers, built up excitement, and encouraged engagement with the audience.


Incorporating the iconic paper airplane, everything we created was designed to inspire. From the custom logo, to the colorful installations soaring overhead, to the planes ready for flight at each place-setting—we took this event to new heights.

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