Dayton Mini Maker Faire and Real Art's Boneyard Build-Off

Dayton Mini Maker Faire and Real Art’s Boneyard Build-Off: Coming July 16th, 2016

dayton mini maker faire

The Gem City of Dayton, Ohio will be hosting its very own Maker Faire event with the first ever Dayton Mini Maker Faire on July 16th, 2016 at Carillon Historical Park. As part of the event, Real Art is thrilled to announce our sponsorship for the Faire’s most unique activity: the Boneyard Build-Off.

With the support of Real Art and other local businesses, Dayton History and Make It Dayton have arranged a full-blown smorgasbord of maker-themed demonstrations, workshops, seminars, and shops for this family-friendly, interactive event. The expo will feature creators of all ages and backgrounds, inspiring the next generation of Dayton inventors.

Real Art will be putting together and hosting the Boneyard Build-Off, a “Junkyard Wars” style competition pitting teams of makers against each other in the ultimate DIY battle royale. Throughout the day, two teams will design, build, and test a machine hacked together from spare parts generously provided by Mendelson’s, MCM Electronics, K&G Bike Center, 1st Street Recycling, and assorted local scrapyards.

These machines will be built to accomplish a certain goal, which we will be listing at the bottom of this post. The singular goal will be drawn at random and given to the contestants the morning of the Mini Maker Faire. Spectators can watch throughout the day as the sparks (literally) fly, with trash turning into treasure before their very eyes.

In addition to the Boneyard Build-Off, Real Art will team up with Proto BuildBar on other exhibits showcasing the progression of technology over time, and how more direct access to these technologies and tools allow makers to express their creativity and ingenuity in more ways than ever.

The Dayton Mini Maker Faire is an event set to spur the engagement of the community and tap into the industrial spirit ingrained in the DNA of the city. Head over to the Dayton Mini Maker Faire website to learn more on how you can get involved.

WHAT: Real Art’s Boneyard Build-Off at Dayton’s Mini Maker Faire

WHEN: July 16th, 2016

WHERE: Carillon Historical Park

Boneyard Build-Off Goals

1 – The Boneyard Triathalon

Build a vehicle capable of transporting at least one of your players, with the purpose of accomplishing 3 feats:

  • 1) Tractor Pull Sled – How far can your vehicle pull our custom pull sled?
  • 2) Speed Trap – What is the top speed of your vehicle?
  • 3) Art – So you engineered a vehicle powerful and fast enough to complete the first two tasks…but how pretty is it?

Can a 1976 craftsman 6 1/2” circular saw power your team to victory? Are your legs and knowledge of gearing stronger than an electric motor? Or maybe you can find a way for a motor to assist your legs, like a poor man’s hybrid car? The Olympics are quickly approaching, but you won’t find a triathlon like this anywhere.

2 – Boneyard Bowling

No clown shoes needed for the boneyard bowling alley. Using the junk on-hand, we want to see your most powerful, pinball-esque projectile shooter than can knock over some “bowling pins” that don’t resemble any pins you’ve ever before. Hit the lanes and rack up the most points in traditional bowling scoring to take home the W. Just stay behind the line, Smokey.

3 – Boneyard Can Crushathon

Using the junk on-hand, we want to see you build the most pulverizing human or electric powered can crusher Dayton’s ever seen. Your method of destruction will face items of varying fortitude, from a watermelon to paint cans to a five gallon metal drums. Can your creation crumble the competition and rack up the most points, or will the cans crush you?

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