Case Study

Introducing New Energy Alternatives: AES Advancion®


We designed a product brochure for a company pioneering an entirely new market.

AES started as one of the first independent power producers in the United States and is now a major supplier of power in 18 countries around the world. As a forerunner in the development of energy solutions, Advancion® represents AES’s battery-based energy storage business.

Battery storage is a relatively new and exciting development that helps strengthen and modernize the energy grid and delivers safe, reliable, cost-effective, and emission-free power. Advancion aids environmental efforts, lowering total emissions and helping add renewable power sources to the grid. Pioneers in the space—AES tasked Real Art with creating a product brochure that would educate audiences on grid-scale battery storage and highlight AES as a leader in this exciting new field.


To illustrate this revolutionary product, first we needed to introduce grid-scale battery storage to the reader, defining the category before delving into what makes Advancion unique and superior to the competition.



Content Development
We dove deep into conversations with stakeholders and competitive research in order to understand the complex energy industry and correctly position Advancion. From there we crafted a narrative that set up the energy dilemma, the issues with our current infrastructure and the importance of finding ways to incorporate renewable energy sources and create a clean, unbreakable energy network. After illustrating the need for alternative methods we introduced Advancion and explored what makes the product and company uniquely positioned to power the future of energy consumption.



Design and Layout
Working in tandem, our designers expanded on the Advancion brand creating graphics and charts to convey and clarify this complex industry and illustrate the incredible benefits of Advancion from both a business and environmental perspective.

It was a fun challenge for a really incredible company with an awesome product. “No one else has described this category and energy storage in such an easy to understand way. Our teams are already using this to start conversations,” said AES Marketing Manager Timothy Effio.


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