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See and Spin #25: 3 Things to Read, 3 Things to Hear

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See and Spin, where Real Arters dish on a weekly serving of three things you need to read and three things you need to hear.

Generation Cryo: Fighting Death in the Frozen Unknown (George Dvorsky / Gizmodo)

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“There is a disconnect between conventional medical practices and the emerging field of cryonics. Holding on to hope before death—no matter how futile, medically speaking—is more socially acceptable.”

Inside the Final Days of Roger Ailes’s Reign at Fox News (Sarah Ellison / Vanity Fair)

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For 20 years, Roger Ailes did as he pleased at Fox News. Then former anchor Gretchen Carlson sued him for sexual harassment—and suddenly Rupert Murdoch, who’d long had his back, wasn’t there. How the most powerful man in cable news was toppled in 16 whirlwind days.

Why A 70-Year-Old Retiree Went Back To Work—As An Intern (David Zax / Fast Company)

Remember that movie where De Niro plays an intern? Paul Critchlow decided to try it.

WeezerPinkerton (1996) … NirvanaNevermind (1991)

Tomorrow (September 24th) will mark landmark anniversaries for two of alternative rock’s most enduring classics: Nirvana’s Nevermind will be turning 25, while Weezer’s Pinkerton will be turning 20. Though the influence of each record only grows more pronounced with time, the immediate impact of these albums—and the effects on their respective creators—could not have been starker at the time of release. Nevermind catapulted the tortured genius of Kurt Cobain further into a blinding spotlight he never desired. Pinkerton took the legend of nerd-rock hero Rivers Cuomo, riding high after the release of 1994’s self-titled (The Blue Album), and brought it crashing back down to earth with an onslaught of critical and commercial scorn. Pinkerton finally going platinum this week, only eight days before it’s 20th anniversary, is a piece of truly long delayed poetic justice. Regardless of how their legends have evolved over time, Nevermind and Pinkerton remain essential and beyond reproach.

Ghost / Square Hammer / Popestar (2016)

Everyone’s favorite Swedish occult rockers Ghost are back with a new record titled Popestar just in time for the Halloween season. First single “Square Hammer” is a mix of swirling keyboards and catchy melodies that pair perfectly with the video’s 1930’s horror movie aesthetic and feel. (Geoff Stump)

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