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Real Arters Who Rock: Geoffrey Stump and Weathervein Release Summer Daze EP

Real Arter Geoffrey Stump and his alternative rock band Weathervein released a new EP last week titled Summer Daze. You can listen to it now on Spotify, Bandcamp, and iTunes.

Stump, who plays guitar and sings in Weathervein, had this to say about its release: “Summer Daze is this kind of odd blend of upbeat, happier melodies mixed with honest and introspective lyrics. When you’re growing up, the summer is the time of the year where you’re able to have a sense of freedom, reinvent who you are, and harness optimism for what comes next. As an adult, it gets a lot tougher to adjust, and that sense of freedom turns fleeting as the years pass. Summer Daze weaves between songs of love, loss, and recovery.”

Listen to the six-song EP below, and keep up with Weathervein on Twitter and


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