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8 Reasons Your Website Isn’t Converting

If your website is struggling to reach conversion goals – or if you just want to impress your boss with better numbers – consider these eight obstacles that could be standing between you and user conversions.

  1. Your UI is ugly
    Though Amazon seems hellbent to prove this point wrong, looks matter. 38% of people will leave a website if the UI is unattractive.
  1. Your site takes too long to load
    25% of users abandon a page if it takes more than 4 seconds to load; expectations are even higher for retail sites. If you’re making your users wait for large files to load, they’re probably ditching your site. Optimize your content to improve your page load time. Generally, a page size of 2MB or lower will help your content load quickly for users. You can test your load time here.
  1. Your site isn’t optimized for all devices
    Have you tested your UX flow and metrics on mobile or tablet recently? Is the mobile flow as seamless as the desktop version? If not, consider re-mapping your user flow specifically for mobile devices.
  1. Your copy is too convoluted
    There’s a lot of conversation clogging digital marketing channels that shove SEO babble down the throats of copywriters. Yes, SEO is important, but it doesn’t trump quality content. Use your keywords, but be sure your copy actually solves a problem – quickly and clearly. Otherwise, users will find your site, but they won’t read it.
  1. You’re causing visual ADHD
    Often times, clients will ask us to make things bigger, brighter and bolder: buttons, copy, logos, etc. They want to draw attention to everything and consequently end up drawing attention to nothing. Keep your users focused by keeping designs and conversions simple and clear.
  1. Your CTAs are misplaced
    Web conversion is a lot like dating. Ask for what you want too early in the experience and you’ll likely get rejected. Before you ask users to buy, try or download, tell them why they should. Guide them through promotional and educational content, then ask for their number.
  1. Your CTAs aren’t clear
    If you want users to do something, tell them in one or two words. Skip vague asks like “experience the advantages” or “see how you could save.” Opt for “try now,” “order today,” or “register.” Simplicity, clarity, and brevity are key in converting.
  1. You’re asking your users to do too much
    You could also be asking users to complete too many actions. A site that’s littered with asks to try tools, download demos, call reps and purchase products will see low ROI all around. Find out what matters the most, guide them there, and tell them to do one thing.

Consider whether one of these eight web content issues is standing between you and improved conversion metrics. If you’re unsure, let’s talk.

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