Absolutely Curious

“The inherently curious are the smartest cats herethey are studying and learning all the time.” – Real Art Manifesto

A cornerstone of the Real Art ethos is building wonder. “How can we possibly continue to produce such awesome projects for such amazing clients?” you ask. We simply stay true to our core valuesknown as the 12 Absolutes. The first of these 12 Absolutes is Dream Big, which we put
on full display in the First Street window of our Dayton office. However, this was merely one in a series of twelve that illustrates what keeps us Real Arters pushing the envelope, project after project. Next up: Be Curious.

Do you feel it? That itch you can’t scratch. That burning desire to figure something out. That “I will forego a lazy Sunday eating pizza and binge watching Game of Thrones until I get to the bottom of this” feeling.
That’s what we Real Arters call curiosity, and it is something that we are constantly trying to satisfy. For our latest ode to the almighty 12 Absolutes, we created a window display that would encourage passersby to fulfill our second absolute
Be Curious.

All great ideas derive from an overwhelming sense of curiosity. The ideas dreamt up here at Real Art are no exception. We are constantly learning and exploring new and exciting approaches to dynamic, creative thinking that we can then implement into future projects. We believe that it is not enough to simply make something awesome, but rather we yearn to understand how things work, why something was made, and who made it in the first place. We are always looking to learn more, and like to encourage others to do the sameeven if we come across a little cheesy in the process.

For this window display, we were inspired by the infamous adage “curiosity killed the cat.” With such a big, open glass display, it was a great opportunity to generate curiosity by closing off the view into our building. Leaving only a few cat-shaped peepholes, we covered the windows in black paper. With the light shining brightly through the cat silhouettes, passersby were invited to wander up to the window to satisfy their own curiosity and see what was inside.

These curious cats were rewarded with a glimpse inside a life-sized mouse house complete with a giant hunk of cartoon cheese, an oversized mousetrap, and a pet goldfish. This playful scene was a collaborative effort by Real Arters to bring this display to life. The cat silhouettes were produced by Crystal Dennis and Lynsey Spicer. Meanwhile, the curiosity badge and pet goldfish were crafted by Tom Davis, and I wrapped and painted the hunk of cheese. It was all hands
on deck when it came to constructing the oversized mousetrap to act
as the backdrop for the entire scene. 

Staying curious and finding interest in the little things is what will continue to propel us Real Arters into the future, discover incredible things every day, and keep us building wonder.


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