Case Study

Premier Health: A Motion Graphics Introduction to MyChart e-Visits

We created a motion graphics video to introduce a new service in a fun and relatable way for Premier Health.

Introducing a new service in an attention-grabbing manner takes thought and consideration of the audience. Premier Health is rolling out a new service, e-Visits, a convenient way to address common symptoms with your healthcare provider. We wanted to show the benefits of this service and how simple it is to use. Premier Health tasked Real Art with creating a video that would educate viewers and motivate them to use the new convenient service.

Premier Health Motion Graphics

To carry out this message we created a motion graphics video with fun undertones, a relatable main character, and a clearly defined service. We showed viewers how to use the service and how easy it is to communicate with their healthcare provider to address their symptoms.

Messaging was key with this video. We started with a script review to ensure we conveyed the e-Visit service for what it is; an easy to use solution to the challenge of finding time to see a healthcare provider.

Premier Health Motion Graphics

Next, our artists created our protagonist for our story, a busy mom who doesn’t have the time to visit her doctor. Keeping our audience in mind, we wanted a character who was relatable and would be a target user of the e-Visit services.

Premier Health Motion GraphicsFrom there, storyboards were developed and our artists got to work animating the characters and scenes. A friendly voice-over track was produced, and sound effects were added to bring everything together.

The opportunity to introduce our client’s new service was an exciting challenge for the Real Art team. From the creative process to getting the sound effects just right, we built wonder for Premier Health in this motion graphics piece.


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