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5 Ways to Increase Customer Value Through Emotions

Increase Customer ValueIt’s no secret that connecting with customers on an emotional level increases customer value. The question becomes, how to do this. We look at five ways you can evoke emotions and build deeper connections with your customers.

1. Nostalgia

Find ways to carry out your brand message that bring back joyful memories from yesteryear. Evoke emotions by re-introducing a product or logo from the past, or reminding people how things used to be. The key is to focus on areas that trigger times when things were less challenging, simpler, or there was a greater sense of togetherness.

2. Uniqueness

People yearn to be unique and stick out from the crowd. Find ways to show your customers how your product will make them different, provide them with prestige, and make them unlike everybody else.

3. Belonging

On the flip side of being unique, people have a need to feel that they belong and are accepted in social groups. Show your customers how your brand connects them to like-minded people, or how your brand helps them fit in.

4. Security

Pull from Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and show your customers how you will make them safe, that tomorrow is bright, and they can pursue their dreams without worry. Alleviating fear and worry is a powerful way to build customer loyalty and connect emotionally with your customers.

5. Socially responsible

Brands that not only say they act socially responsible but also show it have a tendency to build emotional connections with those customers who take action to improve social wellness. If your brand promise includes social responsibility, clearly communicate the impacts of your efforts to your customers.

Kaiser Permanente Super Bowl Experience


Creating customer experiences that result in emotional connections is an effective way to increase customer value. Emotionally connected customers will become more and more convinced that you get them and you have their interest in mind.

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